Beneficial reasons why a plant hire business should outsource accounting


Plant hire is becoming an increasingly popular choice for small businesses, and there are a number of reasons for this. Hiring gives a business immediate access to modern, reliable equipment without having to worry about obtaining finance. For a plant hire company, this is good news, although it does mean that there is extra responsibility when it comes to accounting and very little spare time to spend on finance and accounting services.

Business growth

With the demand for plant hire increasing, you may want to focus on your business growth over the next year or so, to benefit from the industry demand. With growth comes increased accountancy, but if within your business this isn’t an expertise, focus on what you are good at – Plant hire, rather than spending time on bookkeeping, completing your annual tax return and working on improved accountancy efficiencies; let someone else worry about the business finances, who are a specialist and expert, so that you can focus on managing other aspects of the company.

Increase revenue

Business growth will achieve increased revenue, which is good for the business. However, profit and cash flow will have to be monitored closely to ensure problems don’t occur. Although revenues may be healthy, if your cash flow or profit margins are experiencing problems, the company could be in jeopardy. Outsourcing to a reputable accountant will allow you to focus on core business activities while they manage the growing financial aspects and needs of the company.


Your accounting team has to be reliable so that important tasks are dealt with on a regular basis. If you have an in-house accounting team, you may have to deal with long-term sickness absence, annual leave and possibly maternity or paternity leave, as well as staff leaving the team. Rather than having to spend your time managing and dealing with personnel issues, outsourcing leaves you free to concentrate on the business and the benefit of you always having an accountancy team of experts on hand to deal with all your accountancy needs.

Maximising revenues

Very often, a small business owner will manage to deal with the important aspects of accounting so that they remain compliant with HMRC regulations. However, many business owners will have to neglect other duties to deal with the accounting, like forecasting, cash flow and payroll.

Falling behind on other critical accountancy elements could result in errors and paying more tax than you should. If you experience problems with payroll, you could have a workforce problem. An efficient company will be claiming all relevant tax relief, allowances and expenses to minimise the tax bill. The company will also submit all documents, including the self-assessment tax return before the deadline, avoiding being charged penalties. Outsourcing will result in the correct amount of tax being paid, and a lack of errors will mean that you can make decisions based on accurate figures.

If you want to understand more and gain from the benefits of having an outsourced accountancy team, then talk to us now, as we would be pleased to have a non-obligation discussion to understand your requirements further, to see who we can help your business grow.