Five ways small businesses waste money Infographic


Here at Sollertia, we understand the importance of keeping tabs on your income and expenses, although for the owners of small companies, this isn’t always easy.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often find themselves shelling out for equipment and services that they later find they don’t even need, and this is just the start of it.

That is why we have created the infographic below, to help your company avoid any commercial pitfalls.

SMEs, particularly start-ups, may find that they are not receiving enough cash from each job to cover expenses, which soon lands them in trouble.

This can happen when they forget to work out which jobs give the most profit and which can be a drain, meaning that when a loss is made, it can be hard to plug the hole.

Meanwhile, a company will sometimes keep track of individual project finances, but find it often loses a slight amount of cash per job. This means that it may be best to say ‘no’ to clients occasionally, instead focusing on jobs that can provide a healthy return.

Also, whenever a business provides an estimate, it is hoping that it will be low enough to entice the customer, but high enough to still provide a profit. However, many SMEs might not know how their estimates match up to final costs, which means that losses can go unnoticed.

Often, a company will try hard to keep track of finances, but with so many ways to do it, efforts can become confused. This may mean that important revenue information is lost. Instead, a more efficient accounts structure may be called for.

Lastly, trying to cover all aspects of business can lead to an SME bleeding its resources dry. A better approach is often to outsource such matters, like accountancy and IT, to save money on permanent staff and training.


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