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Four ways to sustain business growth


Once you achieve substantial business growth, it is crucial to maintain existing success and continue to grow. Sustaining profit on the services and products you provide to customers can be a complex area, although outsourcing financing and accounting will help to achieve a consistent approach. Although increased sales will be one of the factors towards building a successful business, it is also important to consider the profitability of the company.

Improving products and processes

Making changes and improvements to manufacturing processes can create reductions in cost, while maintaining or increasing the quality of a product. Changing suppliers may invoke reductions in costs per unit, increasing profitability. Streamlining a process may also be a consideration for a company, positively impacting on resourcing issues and overall productivity levels. You may want to consider carrying out research to ascertain which products have greater demand, which have low level demand and any improvements which could be introduced.

The company workforce

Skilled employees are crucial for the success of a business. A variety of skills and expertise is required to run a profitable business, and a new business owner will likely have a learning curve in front of them – from a business front if not product expertise. An existing workforce may require periodical training and up-skilling to maintain levels of experience. Once you have an established workforce, you may want to consider retention measures to ensure you don’t lose the most skilful and valuable employees in the company.

An online presence

If you have a traditional bricks and mortar business, you could think about expanding online. An online presence will increase your marketing capability, while you will also achieve a wider audience for your products and services. Prior to embarking on building an online presence, calculate the investment costs, which will include hardware, software and maintenance and support. You may want to outsource the process to a professional, as there are regulations which must be complied with and security measures which are necessary.


To sustain business growth, some investment will be required on an on-going basis. You may need to invest more if you want to increase your workforce in order to deal with expansion. In order to remain profitable, select the most appropriate form of investment for your company, keeping costs to a minimum. You will need to produce a business plan and forecasts of the future profitability and production of the company, to provide an indication of the future plans for the company.

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