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Cashflow Management

Cashflow Management

Cash flow is said to be one of the three most important indicators for a business along with customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

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Most businesses can survive for a short time without sales or profits but, without cash they will go under very rapidly. For this reason, the inflow and outflow of cash needs careful monitoring and management.

Effectively managing debtors and creditors - speeding up the inflows and slowing down the outflows - is a balancing act which Sollertia’s cash flow management service will achieve to help you sustain a healthy business.

By forecasting cash flow, we can enable you to predict peaks and troughs in your cash balance which helps you to plan borrowing and indicates how much surplus cash you may have at any given time. Banks will almost always require a cash flow forecast before approving any loans.

Cash Flow Management also interlinks with our Working Capital Analysis - outsourcing this to Sollertia facilitates effective management and better use of working capital within a business.