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Franchise types include: Business Networking Groups, Business Services, Retail Shops, Fast Food / Restaurant / Catering, Motor Repairs, Cleaning Services.

Accounting support for your Franchise

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Sollertia have worked effectively with a number a franchisors from various business sectors to provide them with the accountancy tools, functions and information they require to grow and be successful.

Our Accounting Express service provides all the necessary bookkeeping and accounting duties that franchisee’s require; whilst our outsourced accounting services cater for the franchisors needs.

Choosing Sollertia for your franchise’s provision of accounting and financial support will bring you and your franchisees additional multiple benefits:

Greater Franchise Appeal - expert accounting and financial expertise as part of your turnkey package is another box ticked. It can only enhance the appeal of your franchise whilst also increasing the chances of bank funding for new franchises.

Focus Franchisees on Core Activities - instead of your franchisees being wrapped up in bureaucracy, our provision of quality bookkeeping support enables your franchisees to focus on core business driving activities; safe in the knowledge that their accounting information is accurate, up to date, understandable and always on hand.

Better Control & Support - with permission (usually within your franchise agreement) you can access the accounts of all your franchisees from one centralised system. With the simple online access we provide, you will always be fully aware of how well your franchisees are doing, spot opportunities and threats earlier and be able to be more pro-active in your support.

Access - the accounting information for you and your franchisees is available 24/7 thanks to our cutting edge, simple to use and secure online systems.

Expertise - Access to accounting expertise whenever needed, with qualified staff on hand to advise you and your franchisees.

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If you’re looking to find the right accountants to provide for your franchise then call us on 0845 0946 202 to see how our dual model accounting approach can work for you as a franchisor.