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Finance Director

Finance Director

Our virtual or interim financial directors have commercial and business acumen together with many years of financial management experience.

There are many occasions when it would be useful to have access to the specialist expertise and experience of a high calibre, fully qualified finance professional but, for various reasons, it may be impractical to employ a full time, permanent financial director.

For example, you may need short-term support during challenging financial situations such as acquisitions, fund-raising or turnaround; you may need cover for maternity leave or to ‘bridge the gap' whilst a full time Financial Director is recruited; or you may be a growing company which needs regular financial guidance but isn’t yet ready to employ a full time Finance Director.

By outsourcing the finance director role to Sollertia, you will benefit from accurate and timely performance reporting, financial planning and budgeting, management of cash flow and banking; you will have access to highly specialised skills as and when you need them and receive an unbiased, independent opinion about the financial health of your business. You will also improve your credibility with your financiers, suppliers and customers and be able to learn proven ideas from other successful businesses.

Sollertia’s virtual or interim financial directors have commercial and business acumen together with many years of hands-on financial management experience; this outsourced financial service can be tailored to fit in with your precise business needs – on a part time basis, for example once a month, once a quarter, etc., or on a temporary full time basis.

All our virtual and interim financial directors are fully qualified professionals who are used to working with companies of all sizes in different businesses and sectors to deliver the highest standards of finance consulting services at an affordable cost.

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