Monthly Archives: October 2014

Three alternatives to lending from banks


With the Bank of England’s recent ‘Trends in Lending’ report showing that banks are lending less to small businesses, it’s interesting to take a look into how SMEs are finding new ways to borrow the funds they need to help them start up, get through difficult periods, or expand.

According to the study, which was released on October 20th, the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) saw £400m less handed out to SMEs by banks in the second Read more

Staying shrewd while firing up an apprenticeship scheme


The term ‘apprentice’ will instantly make people with little interest in business think of the ruthlessness of Alan Sugar, particularly since the popular BBC series is now back on our screens. Inside of businesses too, companies are embracing apprentices, with a recent report showing that more than a third of UK SMEs either have an apprenticeship scheme in Read more

Trading online without tripping on tax


There are few modern companies that do not use the Internet in some form, and online transactions make up a large proportion of most companies’ income. While the web has unquestionably given businesses – particularly those in retail – a whole new channel for custom, some analysts argue that virtual businesses are operating with too few restrictions as opposed to Read more

Keeping cash flowing in spite of increased business costs


New research from the Forum of Private Business (FPB) has revealed that it is becoming more expensive to run a commercial enterprise. With inflation falling too, it leaves business owners scratching their heads as to how to keep their company profitable despite these barriers.

According to its ‘Cost of Doing Business’ survey, the FPB has found that some 63% of ventures are reporting that it is costing more to keep going. Three of the biggest expenses are Read more