Monthly Archives: November 2014

Were Business Entity Tests a failure?


In late October, HMRC confirmed that it is to scrap IR35 Business Entity Tests as of the end of this tax year. On its website, Revenues has admitted that the tests have been found to be both “used very little” and “not fulfilling their intended purpose”. So, what does this mean for contractors and Read more

How to make profit on a day-to-day basis


SMEs sometimes struggle because their takings and outgoings every day fluctuate so vastly. A very good day, week or month could immediately be cancelled out by a loss-making one, or it could be that you come to rely on high-profit days to recover from lean spells. Ups and downs are a great vexation to company directors, and their ultimate aim will always be Read more

Fitting the bill for SMEs


A matter currently being discussed at the House of Commons is the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill. Put forward by Vince Cable back in June and set to be implemented in 2015, the bill aims to aid SMEs’ access to finance, tackle problems created by Read more