Accounting Solutions

Over the years, keeping company accounts has become more complicated. It is no longer a case of simple ledger keeping. Today, to maintain good accounts, you need an understanding of the various business and tax laws and a good working knowledge of accountancy systems. This is time-consuming and difficult to stay up to date with but, here at Sollertia, we provide a range of accounting solutions to take the weight off your shoulders. To use our service, just give us a call.

A firm can learn a lot from its accounts and can benefit greatly from using an experienced team of accountants. Here are the main ways a company can use its accountants to run a more stronger and more efficient business:

Cash flow

Good credit control ensures that as many invoices as possible are paid on time. This improves cash flow, and means that firms have enough money in the bank to pay their workers and buy the stock they need to fulfil their next order.


Accurate forecasting is another important part of cash flow. It allows firms to see financial trouble coming and take the necessary action to stay afloat.

Access to finance

Most successful firms need to borrow money at some stage, usually to expand. A good team of accountants can provide the financial reports firms need to succeed with their applications. In addition, they can help the firm to identify the cheapest way to borrow the money.

At Sollertia, we can help you with all of the above accounting solutions, as well as manage your payroll and file your tax returns. Our service is tailored to your needs, and all you need to do to benefit is drop us a line or give us a call.