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How to maximise outsourcing for your company


Outsourcing is a popular option for all types of business, offering an effective method of reducing costs while also providing opportunities for planning and growth. Although outsourcing was originally utilised by larger firms, small and medium enterprises are now realising that they can benefit from management outsourcing too.

Why should you outsource?

Although it may seem initially as though you are paying for another service what can be managed in-house, outsourcing is an investment in the business, with a number of benefits.

Running a business involves expenditure to meet statutory requirements, which a small business can often struggle to meet. Outsourcing provides a complete service for far less investment. Select the areas of the business that will most benefit from outsourcing to maximise resources.


The obvious benefit of outsourcing is reduction of costs to the company. Provision of in-house services is often costly for a smaller company, requiring greater investment during the early days of the business and at quieter periods during the year. Outsourcing releases capital back into the business for further investment.

Building an in-house team requires extra space in the premises, and significant involvement in employment, with recruitment, payroll and other legislative requirements. Outsourcing, meanwhile, offers a solution that benefits from the skills and expertise an in-house team may not possess. One-off projects especially benefit from outsourcing, as the resources you require at that time, along with the skills, are readily available.

Risk management

Rather than forming a small team of experts to maintain and control accounting and the other systems of the company, outsourcing to a professional will allow a large team to mitigate risks within specific functions. All companies face risks, which include their competitors, finance, regulation and technology, but outsourcing reduces them all considerably.

Increased flexibility

Working with an external provider offers a much more flexible solution, which will benefit the business in the long term. You can work in partnership with an outsourced solution, with greater input from the provider when necessary. When services are no longer required, it is much easier to end the contract rather than having to consider redeployment or redundancy for an internal team.

Outsourcing is used by all sizes of company, with smaller businesses often benefiting more so. Releasing resources to concentrate on revenue-generating areas of the company will produce higher income and greater capital for future investment.

If you would like to discuss other areas that will benefit from outsourcing, please call us to arrange a meeting.