Part-time Finance Directors

For many firms, employing a part-time finance director makes far more sense than hiring a full-time director would. While some larger corporations or companies could benefit from having a permanent finance director on staff, many smaller firms will not. This is one reason why we decided to offer a part-time finance director service to our clients, so please call us at Sollertia to find out more.

Finance directors fulfil an important function: they ensure that the firm meets all of its legal requirements when it comes to finances.

When an enterprise is considering investing, the expertise of a financial director is invaluable for helping the rest of the board and the management team to determine whether the venture is wise. A good finance director can also provide cashflow guidance, which can help a company to be more profitable and make sure that a temporary lack of funds does not lead to bankruptcy.

Having access to sound financial advice at the right times can also help firms when they need to borrow money. With the right advice, a business can improve its chances of being accepted for a loan. In addition, that advice can steer a firm towards alternative forms of finance, which offer better terms and conditions, along with lower fees.

At Sollertia, we offer a fully flexible part-time finance director service. You decide what is provided, which means that you have control of the costs. Please ring us today or fill in the call-back form. A member of our experienced team will explain more and help you to choose the right solution for you.