Monthly Archives: December 2014

CA and CMA – spotting the difference


One of the biggest accountancy mistakes made by small businesses is that they fail to understand the different job designations. A textbook example of this is with chartered accountants (CAs) and chartered management accountants (CMAs), with companies regularly Read more

A smart guide to running payroll


Unless your company is a one-man band and doesn’t pay you a salary, payroll is something you need to get to grips with one way or another as a business owner. With HMRC now imposing Real Time Information (RTI) requirements though, it’s become a Read more

What did the Autumn Statement mean for SMEs?


Depending on their political slant, news headlines in the wake of George Osborne’s Autumn Statement on December 3 either championed his efforts for a fair society and the UK being the fastest growing G7 economy, or lampooned his failure to meet borrowing targets, but let’s cut to the core and look at some of the key points that affect our Read more

Cutting the costs of plant and machinery


It’s easy to think of machinery, plant and tools as artifacts that only affect industrial and practical businesses. Though construction workers and labourers may have the greatest need for it, there is no business in which such essentials as light fittings and pipework aren’t required. It’s therefore important to stop and think about how much you are Read more

Five ways small businesses waste money Infographic


Here at Sollertia, we understand the importance of keeping tabs on your income and expenses, although for the owners of small companies, this isn’t always easy.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often find themselves shelling out for equipment and services that they later find they don’t even need, and this is just the start of it.

That is why we have created the infographic below, to help Read more