Virtual Finance Director

Hiring a finance director is not always easy. Naturally, these professionals command high salaries, so it can be expensive to employ a full-time accounts specialist. We realised this at Sollertia, which is why we developed our virtual finance director service as a viable alternative to employing someone full time. To find out more, you can either read on or give us a call to see how your business could benefit from this service.

Regardless of size or turnover, all companies can benefit greatly from sound financial advice. Some firms only need detailed suggestions occasionally, while others need that advice on a more regular basis. Using a virtual finance director is a way to for companies to get the right level of advice at all times, without having to pay someone full-time wages.

Even large firms that do need to employ a finance director on a permanent basis can benefit from using the services of a remotely based finance specialist, such as while looking for a new director. In addition, companies that are expanding rapidly can also benefit from this type of service, because it enables them to get extra support during expansion.

Our virtual finance director service is a popular one, which all kinds of firms use. This business solution can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your enterprise. To find out more and receive professional financial advice at a low cost, ring us at Sollertia or, if you prefer, fill in our call-back form.