Outsourced Financial Director

A financial director is the first port of call for a company when it comes to money matters, but it’s not necessary for all firms to have one in the workplace at all times. In most cases, companies can save themselves money and time by looking for an outsourced financial director. If you’re in this position, look no further than Sollertia for your solution.

FD duties, such as financial planning and bookkeeping, are crucial, but they are rarely tasks for which people need to be on site at all times. In most cases, it can be better to outsource these duties to a professional who can take care of them outside of the office, and will still only be a call or email away if needed during the working day.

This alleviates the added costs in terms of wages, training, and office space that bringing in a full-time financial director entails. It may well be that your company is growing quickly enough to bring in new bodies, but it’s always worth considering the tasks that could be done more efficiently through outsourcing. Of course, a relationship with an outsourced accountancy provider is a two-way one, so the best finance companies will always look to forge excellent relationships with their clients and ensure that work is being carried out in a way approved by both parties.

At Sollertia, we pride ourselves in finding innovative accountancy solutions that help business owners maximise their time, increase their profit, and gain greater control of their company. To find out more about how we can act as your outsourced financial director, get in touch with us today.