Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

The benefits of finance and accounting outsourcing are many and varied. At Sollertia, we offer the full range of accountancy services, and allow our customers choose the ones they want. To benefit from our services, all you need to do is to get in touch.

Here are some of the benefits you get by outsourcing your accounts, either in full or in part:


No matter how good your in-house accounts team is, it is impossible for a small team to stay fully abreast of new developments and technology. A firm that outsources its accounts will benefit from the fact that we work with hundreds of companies, so have great expertise. In addition, the scale of our business enables us to use the latest accountancy software and train our staff to be super users.

Powerful reports

Having access to good accounts reports makes a huge difference to a firm. These powerful reports make it easy to manage cash flow and identify areas in which operating costs can be cut.

Save money

Most firms that outsource their accounts find that they save money by not having to run their own accounts department. There is no need to pay high wages, NI payments or holiday and sickness pay. If sales take off and a firm needs more credit control, all it has to do is to make the call to get more help. There is no need to recruit more staff to cover what may be a temporary uplift in business.

To find out more about finance and accounting outsourcing, just give Sollertia a call.