How management accounting can help your company


Management accounting is often used by business owners to report, record and track financial information. There are a number of advantages to this process, which often lead to the improvement of operations and the profitability of the business. The integration of a management accounting system can increase competitiveness of a company.

Cash flow

Management accounting involves the use of budgets, so that business owners are aware of future spending requirements. Historical information is generally used to form budgets for the organisation, although larger firms may have a budget for each department that feeds into the overall company budget. Analysing budgets can help the business to spot unnecessary expenditure, and look at areas in which spending can be reduced.

Expense reduction

Operational expenditure can often be lowered with the help of management accountants. A business owner can use the information from reports to understand how much it actually costs to run the company. The business owner may decide that the quality of a product won’t be compromised by using cheaper raw materials. Making changes like this can significantly reduce production costs.

Financial returns

The owner of a company can use the information produced by management accounting to increase financial returns. Forecasts will be produced by the management accountants, indicating potential sales, demand of consumers, and the effects of external factors like price changes in the market. To be able to produce sufficient goods at the required quality without having to increase the price, a business owner will require the forecasts. Competition can also have an impact on the returns of a company, all of which means that benchmarking may be a useful tool for a company owner.

Decision making

The information produced using management accounting tools can help a business owner to make decisions based on facts rather than on a whim. The reports, forecasts and other information will help the business to see the potential for a particular decision.

What does a management accountant do?

Management accountants analyse information from a business to make decisions. They implement a risk management strategy, while also creating a strategy to produce increased revenues. A professional management accountant will also communicate between the business managers, so that everyone is aware of the requirement for accurate statistics.

Management accounting is a useful tool for a business, although the process is generally outsourced to reduce costs. If you would like any further information and to see how your company could benefit from this process, please call us and arrange a meeting.